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closes Jan 1, 2023
Will I become LGI certified by the end of 2022? (LGI = Lifeguarding Instructor)

This question resolves yes if I possess a current Red Cross LGI certification on New Years day, and no otherwise.

For context, you need to be 17 to take the course. I turn 17 in October. I am quite interested in taking this course, but there are not that many being offered in my area. Being LGI certified will allow me to (co-)teach Lifeguarding courses, and also give me a $1/hr raise. I am willing to travel anywhere in the bay area to take the course. There is an instructor in Pleasant Hill that has taught this class in the past.

If you find an LGI course in the SF bay area and tell me about it in the comments, that will increase the chances of a yes resolve.