Will Primoz Roglic race for Team Jumbo–Visma in 2024?
resolved Mar 14

Resolves YES if Primož Roglič participates in a UCI road race for Team Jumbo-Visma during 2024.

Resolves NO if he does not particpate in any UCI road races in 2024, and also resolves NO as soon as he participates in a UCI road race for another team after transfering teams (even in the very unlikely scenario that he would return later to Jumbo-Visma for another race).

If the team changes its name, I will still resolve with the 2023 team name. Similarly, if Team Jumbo-Visma merges with another team, for example if Roglic remains in the merged team (and races for it), it resolves YES.

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@egroj are you willing to resolve based on Primoz's definitive announcement that he's leaving, or in a few days when he actually announces new team? https://velo.outsideonline.com/road/primoz-roglic-confirms-he-will-leave-jumbo-visma/

@JCE I'll wait until the first race of 2024 that he participates in

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While the situation with Jumbo-Visma seems to have developed toward leaving, it kind of strikes me that 6% is probably a little bit too low. I sold half my No shares.

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Cycling Manifold is just a bunch of markets rising or falling 80% in 24 hours 😂

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There are too many of these now to keep track of, I can't handle it. I made a multiple choice market:

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The way I see it, if Jumbo merges with Soudal, either Roglic or Remco will leave, but probably not both?

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@Eliza Agreed. I think Remco could make peace with Jonas and Sepp, but not Primoz. I think it makes it more likely that Primoz leaves, which still gives Jumbo Sepp, Remco, Jonas, and then Landa.

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@JCE But that's only if they merge? I think the Vuelta didn't make him happy, I still think he's out.

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@Iamczecksy Yea, only if they merge, and yes, agree, or at least have money on no.

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How would you resolve if this happens and he rides for the combined team?


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@Eliza I would resolve as if the merged team is still the current Jumbo, so if he stays and races for the merged team, it resolves YES. I made the change in the description to consider that scenario. Thanks for the news!

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Also, I created a Dashboard for the 2023-2024 transfer season:


Follow along and I will try to keep transfer markets on there.

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@Eliza created another one


If LIDL-Trek are going after Nairo, maybe they didn't get Primoz. Updating toward Yes.

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@Eliza Why not both.gif

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@Eliza Nairo >> Primoz

I think Primoz was just the backup plan ;)

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Besides the resolution criteria in the description I updated the question title from 'ride' to 'race' to make it more clear that the question of the market is he will participate in a race for Jumbo-Visma

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Richard Plugges take: https://www.globalcyclingnetwork.com/racing/news/jumbo-visma-boss-why-would-i-consider-letting-primoz-roglic-go

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Direct interview in English. I feel like the editorializing in the title is not quite indicative of the content but his smile will not go away.

<Prompt> It's worth staying in a super team like Jumbo-Visma?

<Roglic> *Huge grin*

<Prompt> They say you're going to INEOS, now they say you're going to Movistar.
<Roglic> Laugh

<Roglic> These are for me good things, as long as someone wants me then that means I'm good, huh? As fast as it's nothing going around then normally I'm not so good but like I said....

<Prompt> We shouldn't believe the rumors?

<Roglic> No, not really huh, thank you.


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@Eliza So now both Kuss and Roglic may leave. Who’s next? Van Aert?

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@NicoDelon Yeah Van Aert should definitely leave. The guy doesn’t even get full Support at the Tour.

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@Checktaschu What a dumpster fire.