Will TCB Scans upload chapter 1121 of One Piece on July 18th?
resolved Jul 18


I am basing this off of GMT-7 time zone for July 18th If they release chapter 1121 between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59, this question will resolve as “YES.” Anything else will resolve as “NO.”

TCB Scans usually posts the chapter on the Thursday before official release. 1120, 1119, 1118, 1117, 1116 and 1115 were Thursdays. 1114 was a Thursday, May 9th. 1113 was a Friday, April 25th. 1112 was a Friday, April 19. 1111 will be uploaded March 22, a Friday. 1110 was uploaded March 15th, a Friday. 1109 was uploaded March 1, a Friday. 1108 was February 22, 1107 was February 15, both Thursdays.

TCB has started posting on Fridays after the twitter account ban. Unknown if this shall continue, thought I’d put the info here for investors.

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