Will TCB Scans upload chapter 1113 of One Piece on April 25th?
resolved Apr 26

I am basing this off of GMT-8 time zone for April 25th. If they release chapter 1113 between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59, this question will resolve as “YES.” Anything else will resolve as “NO.”

TCB Scans usually posts the chapter on the Thursday before official release. 1112 was a Friday, April 19. 1111 will be uploaded March 22, a Friday. 1110 was uploaded March 15th, a Friday. 1109 was uploaded March 1, a Friday. 1108 was February 22, 1107 was February 15, both Thursdays.

TCB has started posting on Fridays after the twitter account ban. Unknown if this shall continue, thought I’d put the info here for investors.

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Is 3am EST not the cutoff for GMT-8 23:59:59? Im like 90% sure it was after 3am EST lol

@tsaitama nvm the cutoff is 4am EST lolol i finally found a calculator

Released at like 3:30am EST april 26 lol timezones confuse me i'll assume that you calculate it right tho

@tsaitama Yes i did in the UTC minus 8 time zone it was still 11.30

@Gergar Lmfao My bad for missing it, I see a pewpiece tweet from 0030 April 26th posting about the chapter release— when did it exactly upload lol

@dwax the time zone in the description says gmt -8.
pewpiece tweeted when the chapter came out which was 23.30 int that time zone.
see my time zone compared to gmt -8 when it was tweeted in this image:

@Gergar Thanks for letting me know… I think my actual timezone is GMT-7, hence the confusion (US pacific). Will repost with GMT-7.

@dwax No problem dude

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