Will I find a new job by the end of August 2022?

I am looking to find a new job to work remotely and if possible related to EA philosophy. My goal is to find a new one this summer. Jul 7, 10:05pm: I will be volunteering for [EA org] helping them with [things related to my current job and of which I have years of experience]. Also, I am waiting to do some small jobs by contract for people in this community.

Sep 26, 6:57pm: I forgot this market. I found something to start. Happy to be here.

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Austinbought Ṁ5 of YESGood luck! Consider posting your resume/LinkedIn here on this market, for more visibility! (And also some way to contact you like your email 😉)
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Duke Gartzeapredicted YES at 65% @Austin Hi Austin, the problem is that I am using my profile anonymously so people in my job or related to me can't find me :(
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Austinpredicted YES at 65% Fair enough!