Who will win Antagonist of the Year 2022?
resolved Jan 4
Hasan Piker
Nick Fuentes
Wildcard (anyone else)

The Destiny Awards 2022 (@DestinyAwards21) / Twitter

Voting starts Jan 1st 2023, should be resolved by the end of the week, going by 2021 timetable.

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I still can't get over this. What did Max even do??? He challenged Destiny on the subreddit thing in a reasonably civil way, and had (has?) a weird perspective/theory about sexual abuse that he pursued, which was entirely reasonable/plausible given statements from Ana, and given Max's way of thinking / worldview. He's a schizo or schizo-esque and always has been (and that's coming from someone who's a schizo myself).

Maybe I'm missing some of the context/lore, but I don't recall him making any insanely unhinged allegations or pursuing it in some unhinged way. It's not like he accused Destiny of forcably holding someone down and raping them in truck stop bathrooms, and then in order to substantiate these allegations, started driving across the country to physically stalk/hound destiny's ex's to make a confession... He said Destiny was manipulative and there's a power dynamic, and he dm'ed some people asking if they felt the same...

Maybe I'm just completely out of the loop.

(and it should go without saying that I don't endorse Max's worldview or allegations.)

I will take my L but will never understand how tf Mr. Girl won.


  • Gets Destiny banned on multiple platforms, one of which was one he had been on for more than a decade

  • Multiple slanderous tirades that were published on many different outlets

  • Weaponized the Twitter trans community while doing it and gritted for huge bank (GIGACHAD)

Mr. Girl:

  • Mad because of subreddit and gets banned

  • Comes out along with Lav with unsubstantiated sexual misconduct claims that get shot down more or less immediately

  • Still "contacting people behind the scenes" and has yet to release a document

My lesson that I learned is to never doubt recency bias, and that humans are gonna human even when presented with clear reasons as to why that bias is stupid.

@Capilah its not only recency bias, but also because MrGirl went from pretty friendly to absolute douche . While Keffals always was an antagonist, so keffals going 1 step further doesnt feel like a crazy story.

@Capilah The problem is your lack of narrative, MrGirl has the perfect villain backstory: A crazy narcissist and his two deranged sidekicks seeking vengeance against our protagonist and all the sheeple who simply couldn't understand his genius. Now he's scheming in the background, resurrecting a bunch of characters from previous seasons and manipulating them in the most blantant way to join his fight.


A twitter bully who spread false information about Destiny and scammed her own fans.

MrGirl is literally a cartoon villain, Keffals is just boring.

resolve ?

keffals voters thought they could beat recency bias lmao

Am I missing something? Shouldn't it be closed?

you people amaze me

Unreal. Literally had to sue Keffals and release a manifesto to stop the antagonism, allegations, and bans, and all he had to do to get Max to fade into obscurity was "lolurdumb ok" and ignore

Why is Keffals down so much right now?

the vote right now is 50% mrgirl 45% keffals.

@glitchernumber5 The betrayal of mrgirl was too great a twist compared to the nobody keffals

The voting happens on Twitter, yeah? Doesn't that make Keffals more likely, due to her larger presence on Twitter?

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@Jacknaut No, the voting happens on a separate google form that gets linked everywhere (Twitter, Reddit, Dgg, probably Youtube)

mfs just betting on keffals cuz the returns are higher, its pure delusion. mrgirl became his real friend who steven trusted and then completely backstabbed him, it does not get worse than that

@Lynn8b57 A friend backstabbing you is not as bad as someone slandering you to actual news networks that immortalize false, career-damaging information about you online.

@anne MrGirl's article on how destiny abuses his orbiters isn't a world away from doing exactly that

@NewPlace2Frown You’d really compare the impact of Mr Girl’s random Medium article on Destiny to a reputable news network that people will take at face value?

@anne Depends where it gets published and who shares it. I voted keffals but I think it's close for a reason

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I feel like mrgirl voters are just voting for the most recent drama. The keffals stuff was so much longer and a larger part of the stream. The mrgirl shit was some memes and then radio silence now. I mean for christ sake the fucking Jordan Peterson bait stream was 10/10.

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@dacamell 10000%

@dacamell Consider that recency bias doesn't just affect people betting on a market, but also people voting on awards

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@JamesSully I'd also say considering mrgirl has been radio silent for the last month or so, the recency bias has faded a lot. The only antagonism going on is people being too invested in this bet to let the queen win.

@huhu the pinned megathread during a time frame of no streaming is Shaelin's art of Destiny as owning streamers as muzzled dogs.

I think recency bias will hold for Mr. Girl

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@WilliamHenthorn Accuracy > recency

@huhu He talks about it every stream and referenced the orbiter drama in his new song, I don't know if it's an issue of radio silence from mr g but moreso "you're not allowed to talk about this guy in my community". But either way, a "you're not allowed to talk about this guy" probably hurts his odds for antagonist, even though the fact that he's a banned topic is a pretty good indicator for why he might be AoTY. It's a tricky one!

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@DalibanAdjacent He also talks about how he is suing Keffals LOL. Wow mrgirls zombie gf made anti-fan art!! Surely this will ruin destinys life!!! Oh no mrgirl is being a creep messaging past friends and orbiters!!!

Meanwhile GIGACHAD Keffals: Destroyed his 12 y/o twitch career, repeatedly destroyed his twitter accounts, defamed him on multiple mainstream news, pending lawsuit, threaten Destinys family that his only remaining way of income will get destroyed too.

Like holy shit you guys are AS delusional as actual mrgirl fans.

@DalibanAdjacent Keffals is also banned from the reddit as a topic btw

omfg this artwork hahahaha did you make this?

@DavidGrindle I wish, it was Shaelin