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closes Jan 8, 2023
Who will win Antagonist of the Year 2022?

The Destiny Awards 2022 (@DestinyAwards21) / Twitter

Voting starts Jan 1st 2023, should be resolved by the end of the week, going by 2021 timetable.

drt0 avatarMrGirl
drt0 avatarKeffals
drt0 avatarWildcard (anyone else)
drt0 avatarNick Fuentes
drt0 avatarHasan Piker
drt0 avatarVaush
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Wildcard Lav vote

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what fool voted nick fuentes

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It should be Keffals

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Keffals was just a better antagonist for her brief arc, Max was an orbiter.

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@goodpurpl No shot bucko. Keffals wasn't going around all of Destiny's orbit and accusing him of being a sexual abuser. It's one thing to try to cancel someone's YouTube Channel, it's another thing to try to cancel someone out of all of their friendships based on lies.

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@MicahNazarino you guys are delusional, max has zero power, zero credibility, zero respect from anyone, there is absolutely nothing he can do that will put a dent in destinys career or reputation.

Keffals? She had mainstream appeal, MULTIPLE mainstream news outlets wrote puff pieces about her which contained libelous statements about destiny. She got him banned from his 12 year old job, got his largest twitter account spam reported and deleted as well as all the accounts he made after that. She was on the verge of getting his youtube shut down and even going as far as threatening Melina that she will take down destiny's youtube IRL.

You have to be fucking mentally ill to think that mrgirl has ANYTHING against Keffals as antagonist of the year.

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@huhu She also befriended Vaush who sucked up to her on twitter constantly even when she attacked Destiny. The list of shit she did is nuts

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Conrad Getty
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Max is still in the rear view mirror, nobody remembers the kefal

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@conradgetty tbf keffals just got the C&D that Destiny sent with his canadian lawyer.

We could possibly be coming up to new keffals drama in December depending on how she reacts

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Max. He is the Wario to Steven's Mario, girl name and all.

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While I think that the Keffals saga will win drama of the year, at the end of the day, Keffals just doesn't have the charisma to be a good villain. Max on the other hand is a schizo obsessive unhinged betrayer, you couldn't ask for a better antagonist!

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BlueJay 062
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mrgirl copers

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There is no way in hell mrgirl is winning this OMEGALUL

All this mfer did was investigate destiny with lets face it, zero actual impact.

Keffals: Got his twitter, twitch banned, got mainstream news to slander him, there is NO WAY mrgirl can even come close to Keffals, sorry.

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@huhu Eh, going around DMing abuse allegations to almost every woman Destiny has ever interacted with is pretty extreme. Plus it doesn't seem like he's even done yet.

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@Voidian Yeah I get it, it probably impacted him a lot personally since he opened up to him. The fact still remains that Keffals has been an actual ANTAGONIST worthy of the name. mrgirl has no platform other than what destiny gives him, he has complete power over him. They are not equal by any means, while keffals actually had a chance to destroy him completely. Yall are just pumping this stock and making suckers buy in to profit.

When the overall fanbase is voting they will pick keffals

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@huhu "Yall are just pumping this stock and making suckers buy in to profit." or I just think he'll pick mrgirl.

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Daliban Adjacent
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Destiny: He is seriously the most manipulative insane person in the world, his sycophants would be the absolute worst type of fucking cancer to inhabit any of my platforms

Destiny: I might do a cross-platform ban next week where any cross-poster gets banned


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@Voidian It was in DGG chat.

"Destiny: He's the worst person I have ever interacted with in my entire streaming career, worse than Keffals."

There's a ton more, too. https://polecat.me/destinyhub He's going off right now, this feels SUPER undervalued at just 52%. I'm stocking up.

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@Voidian Of course personally mrgirl is worse than keffals, but keffals almost succeeded in destroying destinys whole career, you guys are coping HARD if you think mrgirl will win this.

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@huhu Whole career? I don't want to sound like I'm coping, but it seems like Destiny is doing better than ever after leaving Twitch. He's collabing with some massive creators and it seems like a Shapiro or JBP debate isn't completely out of reach. I mean his social blade really tells a story, he's doing better than he did even during the 2020 election season.

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@DavidDavidson I said almost, he got deplatformed from several platforms and his youtube was the last bastion for content. Luckily he did capitalize on his losses but he could've just as easily been completely deplatformed and streaming on Rumble right now...

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Max's article to drop soon, great time to buy even if it's just to sell after the drop

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Billy Fenn
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You know it’s a safe stock when Destiny had to fake a Peterson conversation.

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He spent so much time arguing against and fighting with Keffals like he hasn't even put out a manifesto for Mr.Girl.

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Is this going to be closed beforehand? Cuz if for example mrgirl doesn't do anything until 2023, everyone will just sell in december

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MrGirl will almost definitely be dropping something on Destiny by the end of the year. The Keffals drama is 100% dead. More room to grow with MrGirl.

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@greatnessgreatness exactly. and keffals didn't burn destiny personally. destiny and mrgirl were actual factual friends.

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Shaaheen Peyvan
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@greatnessgreatness Antagonist of the year tho. MrG has been drama for maybe a month while Keffals was like half the year. She also claims to be the reason Destiny isn't on Twitch anymore.

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Destiny wrote a manifesto, had a sick intro, faked a JBP debate all so he could get back at Keffals. Mr girl got a stream and had to share the spotlight with Lav. Clearly Keffals takes it.

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A close friend betraying you in such a public way and weaponizing your personal information is some of the most villainous shit you can do.

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Keffals holding such a strong lead over MrGirl through the PEAK of his drama arc is absolute HARD evidence that Keffals will clinch the vote over MrGirl in a month and a half's time. There really is no other answer to this stock.

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Jack Skellington
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If you're going to unironically vote for mrgirl, you should probably be voting wildcard instead. Chances are much higher of a random drama unfolding in december than for MrGirl to be memorable enough in another month and a half to vote him as villain of the year.

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@JackSkellington MrGirl is the definite Villain of the year bc of the length of drama and surrounding shit he helped create. This is just free money

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@YoloHobbit Length??

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@JackSkellington TRUUUUUEE, mr L never holds a W and he won't hold this one either

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There is no way it can be Mr. Girl as of yet. Some pretty serious allegations and interactions would have to open up in the next month and a half to make that vote have legitimacy. And if it did get that big, it sure as hell wouldn't end before December does.
The Keffals arc should probably be the correct descriptor for villain of the year as it more faithfully embodies the Destiny researches and fights back intelligently.

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Eesh this is a tough one. I'd say Mr.Girl cause it was a way more personal betrayal, plus honestly he's way more entertaining of a villain and actually became a friend of Destiny, so the betrayal is way more personal.

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Mr Girl arc didn't have a manifesto, let alone an anime opening for it QED

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@bingustrader Yet the mr girl arc had a more serious conclusion, with two blacklistings

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@TheChurchofShulkanism More serious than a potential lawsuit and campaign to get media outlets to retract or edit news stories?

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Radical Dingus
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MrGirl is more personal for Destiny, and is trying to ruin him on a more personal level. It was a grand betrayal from the man who swore never to betray him. Keffels is just business as usual, I doubt Destiny was even phased by it.

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@RadicalDingus Destiny streamed for like 2h a day for 2 weeks straight, skipping some days, just to write his manifesto about Keffals. With MrGirl, he went off right away in a short stream and got back to streaming normal hours the next day. How is this even a debate.

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Hell hath no fury like a Mr Girl scorned. I think he's going to team up with a greatest hits of enemy of the year as a spite based action.

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@Clyspe I think people underestimate how long and how constant the mrgirl shit is going to be. MrGirl will get more and more unhinged and all of the orbiters will cover it. It will be in the dgg zeitgeist until after 2022 for sure.

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@Rippig He has 2023 potential, but 2022 is no doubt Keffals W. I doubt he can even come close to the damage Keffals did the month in a half that's left.

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@huhu You know how Oscar bait movies come out right at the end of the year? There's no way the DGG Academy isn't baited by recent actions that weigh more than summer and earlier actions

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@huhu I'm not saying MrGirl will do more damage, I'm simply stating that MrGirl has the recency bias that will push him over the edge.

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@Rippig I don't think the recency bias is strong enough to overshadow Keffals, sorry.

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Keffals is a internet rando for destiny, max was in his orbit for almost a year and now he betrayed him like he said he wouldn't. And now he is going to give destiny the Dr. K treatment. Max should definitively win this.

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i belive in max

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Keffals EZ win, mrgirl doesn't have the power to do shit but he did emotionally hurt destiny. Keffals on the other hand made a mass media tour smearing destiny, getting his twitch and twitter banned, making extremely libelous statements about him which may sprung a court arc soon. HANDS DOWN the winner.

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Jack Skellington
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Literally how can you believe mrgirl will be the villain of the year when the keffals drama happened this year? HUGE recency bias on this one, boys. Big profits to be made.

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@JackSkellington It's a poll so the recency bias will also be present there

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@drt0 It won't be, by January 1st nobody will remember the MrGirl drama.

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mrgirl believers in shamble

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@Saunte HE :

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@Saunte not the worst decision, honestly

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