Will I, @Dittopoop, place 1st in my Season 5 Gold League Futuristic Soothsayers?
closes Oct 2

Context: I've been using this platform for a little under a month now and I'm really into it. I started off in Bronze League last season, placed 2nd, and jumped up to Gold League. As of making this market, I am currently in 1st place by a decent margin. However, this lead shrunk this past week as @eppsilon has been rapidly accumulating Mana due to some very successful NCAA and NFL bets.

Will I be able to preserve my standing in the Futuristic Soothsayers league by the end of the month? If so, market will resolve as YES. If one of my competitors overtakes me EOM, market will resolve as NO.

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Adam Treatbought Ṁ6 of NO

Looks like Domer sniped the hell out of the spacex news!

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@AdamTreat back to second place I go. It was fun while it lasted.

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uh oh