Will I work with Erik Torenberg in any paid capacity before July?
Jul 1

Sequel to this market:

I completed my video interview with Nancy Xu and immediately went from that interview into a call with Erik Torenberg. He and I had a good chat for ~45 minutes about how we might be able to work together. Next steps are for me to come back with a proposal of what a working arrangement might look like, primarily scope of work/responsibilities and comp.

Will I work with Erik in any paid way prior to July 2024? A paid part-time work trial would qualify.

Setting opening probability at 10% like last time. I will refrain from betting further and will answer questions as requested.

Warning; unlike previous markets where my interest was clear and market odds were mostly a reflection of my abilities to interview, this market is much more subject to questions of mutual fit, timing, compensation, etc. In short, there are many more reasons for this market to resolve NO than the previous markets, and largely subject to the whims of preferences that are hidden to traders.

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Update: I just chatted with Erik and told him I didn't think there was a fit at this time, mostly on my side in terms of what I understood he needs (more of a product launcher/mini-CEO) vs my career interests (Chief of Staff/COO) at this time. I plan on keeping in touch, so there's a small possibility of us working together, but seems remote at this point. This market will stay open until end of June.