Will I be selected to proceed to the 3rd round of the interview process for Erik Torenberg’s Chief of Staff job opening?
resolved Feb 16

Sequel to this market:

I received an invitation to a 2nd round interview for Erik Torenberg’s Chief of Staff job, a video interview with Nancy Xu, the Chief of Staff for Erik’s media company, Turpentine.

Will I be invited to the next step in the interview process (“3rd round”)? Resolving YES requires that I have the 2nd round interview (90% chance - scheduled for Tuesday, February 13th) then get invited to a next step of some kind in the interview process, which I suspect would be a live video interview with Erik himself. Must occur prior to market close (end of Q1).

Setting opening probability at 10% like last time. I will refrain from betting further and will provide updates as I go and answer questions as requested.

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Interview with Nancy went well. I immediately went from her into a 45 min chat with Erik. The story continues:

How did the interview go?! @dglid

@VridhiTuli Got moved to today for scheduling reasons. Keep you posted, thanks for asking!

I admire that you’re betting against yourself here, @dglid. I’ll take the optimist position.