What will be true about Apple's smart ring?
Tracks sleep
It won’t have a USB-C port
will support wireless charging
It won't be available for purchase in 2024
It will only be usable with an iPhone
Improved health tracking if you pair it with an apple watch (ie better data if you wear both than either by itself)
It will be available in a range of colours
At launch, the MSRP will be <$500.
Will support gestures
It’ll measure blood oxygen saturation / include a pulse oximetry function.
battery lasts over a week
Tracks Stress
There will be a gold version (real gold, not just gold colored)
The ring design will be asymmetrical.
It will eventually be tied up in litigation like the pulse-ox sensor on the watch
It will have a physical button on it
It will be announced in 2025
It will have a glass or crystal screen
There will be a higher memory model sold for more money at launch (think 128MB vs. 256MB models)
It will be announced in 2024


For answer inspiration:

  • What will it be named?

  • When will it be announced?

  • When will it be available to the public?

  • Specs?

  • Differences from competitors?

End date will be changed to match public launch date once announced.

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Tracks sleep

the idea of sleeping with wearables sounds very uncomfortable, it would be interesting to see how they will innovate in this feature

@trisqwit I have gotten quite used to sleeping with both an engagement ring and with a thick (non-smart) watch at different points in my life. I would not expect that to be an issue personally.

@RobertCousineau I sleep with a watch on. Totally normal imho.

From a non-prediction perspective, why on earth would they release a ring? Would definitely invite litigation. Would likely cannabalize some Apple Watch users who primarily only use for fitness. Doesn't invite much more ecosystem lock-in than a watch. Isn't revolutionary (AirPods that do health <- some of the tech for ear-based sensing is out there); and certainly doesn't fit with the next wave (that much) i.e. VR / gen AI.

@JacobBaxter the #1 usecase of the apple watch is being a fitness tracker and most features can be contained in a ring. Here are some reasons why Apple might do it:

1) rings are cooler than watches (subjective)

2) rings are more discreet

3) rings are smaller

4) rings are cheaper to produce (guess)

5) margins are higher on rings (guess)

6) rings can be worn with cool watches

@JacobBaxter My best guess would be that there are people who would like the health tracking but do not want a watch. Apple does have this image of privacy and health, so it fits into that? There are other smart rings out there, but they send all your data to the cloud vs apples on device processing.

I also wonder if it is some sort of brand-identity as style thing too? Like how when you see someone wearing the very unique looking AirPods, you know they are a part of the Apple ecosystem. But you don’t listen to music all the time. However a ring would be on display 24/7 broadcasting “Apple” to the world. Thats great free marketing!

My best guess though is that they are just doing R&D on it and that if smart rings ever take off (Samsung is releasing one now) they’ll have something they can more quickly get to market to not be left behind.

I like both of these responses, thank y'all!

It won't be available for purchase in 2024

@JacobBaxter Can you let me know an end date for this answer? ie “it won’t happen by 2030” or similar? Otherwise this answer will never resolve since I already specified that the end date would be pushed out to match a launch date.

@dglid by January 1, 2025

@JacobBaxter How’s this? “Happen” = release? Effectively the opposite of the “It will be available for purchase in 2024” option?

@dglid I like that. Sorry for not thinking through all of the edge cases; I'm definitely not a resolution guru. I trust your judgment!

@dglid I've also since seen that there are some related single-issue markets. Not sure if you want to do anything with it based on that


@JacobBaxter Nah that’s fine. Thanks for checking!

It will have a physical button on it

would a digital button count?

@Soli I interpret this answer as a physical button. @Nikos Would you like to confirm? I can update the answer to “it will have a physical button on it” if so.

@dglid I was originally thinking physical button. Which I agree is quite unlikely :P

@Nikos Thanks! Answer updated.

It will be available in a range of colours

is silver and black a range of colors?

@Soli I think two colours should be enough for yes

@Odoacre Agreed. Silver and black would resolve as YES. @Soli

What happens if the ring is never released? would the options resolve N/A or No?

@Soli I’m willing to extend more or less indefinitely, but would likely make the call by 2030 to return bets (N/A) for answers reliant on a release. I’ll comment here with guidance for traders if we reach that point.

I’ve also requested clarification on the “it won’t happen” answer: https://manifold.markets/dglid/what-will-be-true-about-apples-smar-528382f89632#g2q5c8exg8s

@dglid thank you for clarifying - i guess the it won’t happen option needs an end date (e.g. before 2025) so that it can resolve as No at some point

@Soli Yep updated to “it won’t be available for purchase before 2025” per discussion in other comment with answer author ✅

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