What details will be true about Tim Ferriss' next book?
The word "tactic" or "tactics" will be part of the title or subtitle
Formal release date in 2025
Number “4” in title or subtitle

On December 28th, 2023, Tim Ferriss revealed that he's working on a new book project, his first in years. Let's use this question to speculate on the details of the book, such as when it will be released, what the book will be about, who his co-author is, etc.

Each answer will resolve per my best judgment. Add your own answers as desired. Supporting evidence is strongly encouraged to be provided in the comments when it comes time for resolution.

End date will be pushed out as needed.

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bought Ṁ20 of The word "tactic" or... NO

@LoganTurner nice answer. I’ll assume that the word “four” (spelled out) would qualify as well unless you confirm otherwise.

@dglid Yes, sorry. "4" or "four" somehow referenced in title or subtitle. ("t4ctics", "fourth", "Balfour", "Fourier", or "free or under restriction" would count, because the reference would be obvious). Thanks for clarifying.