If I apply, will I be accepted into the new 'Partner' -program by the end of the first quarter?
resolved Feb 27

This market completes my minimum requirements for an application to the newly introduced Partner program. If I send an application e-mail this weekend, will I be accepted by the end of the first quarter?

Resolves YES if I receive the Partner status, clearly visible to other users, by the end of the first quarter. Getting told I am accepted via e-mail etc. is not enough if I do not receive the public status.

Resolves NO if I do not.

Resolves N/A if I become ineligible (the requirements are changed) or if I don't manage to squeeze out an application email by Monday 26th 16:00 GMT (>30% chance, I have a hectic weekend going on and I just started on possibly life-altering medication. Besides I have not looked into this program deep enough to fully determine whether it would even be worth an effort for me at thus point)

Any questions relevant to this market/my partner eligibility will be answered in the comments.

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I did not manage to apply by the set deadline due to not having any time for the internet. Might revisit this a bit later. Resolves N/A

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Make sure it's worth it for you to apply. it's a bit of a tricky balancing act

@Bayesian yeah I just woke up, did my dailies and noticed the button up there. I did read everything on the linked pages but I have not really dedicated much thought onto it at all. Entirely possible I won't apply at all if I determine it being too much of a hassle once I boot up discord and see what it's all about.