Will a paper on room temp, ambient pressure Rationalussy superconductivity be released before 2025?

The legitimacy of such a paper would be determined like 'well-recognized' in this market.

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8 months to go and we are at 50/50. Any Rationalussy researchers? Believers? Heathens? The stakes are getting high!

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So basically, it has to be a paper about a room-temperature ambient-pressure superconductor that has 10 "public figures in rationalussy", including one Rationalussy Award winner (presumably you) signing it?

@JosephNoonan The paper has to specifically be about the superconductivity of Rationalussy in room temperature & ambient-pressure, but essentially, yes.

As for the conditions, yes at the moment. There may however be other Rationalussy Award winners by the time this market closes.

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@dgga Okay, good to know. Perhaps rationalussy superconductivity works because rationalussy is a force for bringing people together, and therefore it will bring the electrons together into Cooper pairs.

@JosephNoonan This is not a bad hypothesis at all. I can see a paper being written to examine the possibilities

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