Will Destiny start (host or co-host) a new in-person podcast in 2023?
Jan 1

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I feel like the timeline is pretty tight right now:

  • Destiny has some travels planned in mid December. (confirmed fact)

  • They will probably announce the first episode at least a week in advance to build hype. (reasonable assumption)

  • They probably don't want to do the first episode on or shortly around Christmas. (baseless assumption)

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@nickten NOT LIKE THIS

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@dgga i'm sorry. i think it's 85-90%, but i don't wanna put to much mana on it.

if you want your 8k filled my 800 shouldn't matter much. just let me cuck you a lil bit. 😊

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@nickten It's all good lmao. I think we're at >90%, just looking to see if someone disagrees and bites so I get more value. Have too much tied to 90+ markets for my taste at the moment

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@dgga podcast with Dan and Farha was at >90% 💀 💀 💀

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@nickten I lost my fair share of mana in the first Dan podcast market, quite the learning experience. Unlike Dan and Farha, though, I actually believe NSE can get shit done.

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@dgga This one will happen but not until at least January. Its an in person podcast and it'll be hard to get guests to travel in at this time of year for a podcast that hasn't even started yet. That's not to mention any other travel or events that he or Erudite are doing that will make the scheduling a nightmare for the next 8 weeks. Unless they are going to start doing episodes with no guests or like orbiter guests at first I don't think it will get off the ground until after the holidays.

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I have set a limit order for 8000 mana at 80%. Feel free to fill it podcast deniers (or YES predictors who want to exit this market).

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@dgga Has this happened yet? I'm waiting for an even better opportunity to buy more shares of NO

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@FeltLikeVacation I had around 6k of the order filled, cancelled it right now since I have better available profit margins elsewhere. I will buy this one up later if it falls under 80% no doubt

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The meds will help him get his shit together. I believe!

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