Will Destiny say the word "ameliorate" in January 2023?
resolved Feb 4

If I don't hear it or someone doesn't link it, I will use knowyourdestiny.dev and check for the word ameliorate.

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Can resolve no

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@ShaunMartinez 's post is a psy op. Sell now to ameliorate your losses

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Shaun Martinez

Istg he said it recently because someone in a vid he was watching said it and he repeated it and chuckled, I just spent the last 2 hours looking for it, couldn't find it tho, I thought the criminal lawyer had said it but now I'm thinking it was a different vid

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I seriously doubt it would happen organically, but someone may very well bait him now

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  1. Pay 80$ for a tier v sub

  2. Get into a subscriber call-in

  3. Make him say the word

  4. Use the mana you made from this bet to claim a free tier 1 sub. https://manifold.markets/destinygg

  5. ???

  6. Profit!

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Honestly, these kind of markets are pretty amusing, but need an extra rule that he can't say it in response to chat or a call-in. So people can't manipulate the outcome.