Will Destiny say the n word (soft a or hard r) on stream in 2023?
resolved Aug 31

On any account.

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congrats to @jama for believing all this time

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@PunishedFurry FeelsStrongMan

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@destiny resolve pls

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@jama clip?

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@destiny It's a trick!

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@destiny nvm i found it SWEATSTINY

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clip?? i missed it,.. but if its not difficult to find. ill search

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Are you guys gonna stop vague posting and actually post the proof? This is a market that ran for half a year with 174 traders.

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@higherLEVELING even though it's usually a slur, negro is normally not refered to as the n-word. I wouldn't count it.

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@UFTG good luck fellow soldier

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@jama Good luck my n word market enjoyer. o7

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How would this have been resolved from the chess clip? AKA he denies saying it, but some loonies still think he did?

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@UFTG Thanks lol, my bad. I even liked that comment in the past, brain is not working today

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@Gen 😂 np

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Does it count if he says it on another person's stream?

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gnome saying bad words
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salt and vi-

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does it apply to kick and rumble streams?

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@jama @destiny ANSWER OOOO

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@jama yes