Will Destiny re-dye his blue hair [YES] or chop it of [NO] (neither will result in N/A)
resolved Aug 20

Close date updated to 2023-06-30 11:59 pm

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Skrape avatar
Skrapepredicted NO

So fucking based

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kilbert_predicted NO

cash me out dealer

PunishedFurry avatar
Punished Furry

This fuckin blue hair has cost me a fortune

PunishedFurry avatar
Punished Furrysold Ṁ377 of YES

Well rip, I guess he was sick of the blue hair

dgga avatar
duNpredicted YES

What if he cuts his hair and colors it the next day?

UFTG avatar
UFTGpredicted NO

@dgga What if he dyes his hair but shaves himself bald the next day?

destiny avatar

@dgga erm- it would probably be whatever he appeared as in his next stream / show. for example if he cut it in sweden, someone met him and took a picture with him with brown hair, but then he dyed it again before coming on stream i would say its redyed, but if he cuts it, streams THEN dyes it, it's cut.

Traveel avatar
Traveelbought Ṁ10 of YES

Too good for business

MarcusCrassus avatar
Lucaspredicted NO

@Traveel too lazy

Traveel avatar
Traveelpredicted YES

@MarcusCrassus too greedy

UFTG avatar
UFTGpredicted NO

@Skrape If he just lets his hair grow til there's no blue left this resolves N/A. For NO he needs to get a haircut. Anyways it's still clearly part blue imo.

destiny avatar

@UFTG im kinda confused by both of these comments i don't think there's such thing as "grow til there's no blue left" the blue doesnt turn to brown over time it has to be cut right? but i agree its still clearly blue

UFTG avatar
UFTGpredicted NO

@destiny It wont turn brown again but my guess is even permanent dye will fade/wash out to the point of not looking blue eventually. But I have no clue about hair dye so I might be wrong.

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jackson polackpredicted YES


destiny avatar

@jacksonpolack whoops, reopened!

Agh avatar

@destiny, you should probably extend the close date again!

destiny avatar

@Agh whoops, reopened!

ShaunMartinez avatar
Shaun Martinezbought Ṁ100 of NO

This should resolve no right? He got a cut and didn't re-dye

RSWats avatar
RSWatsbought Ṁ100 of YES

@ShaunMartinez It only counts if the hair is not blue anymore. There's still some left.

ShaunMartinez avatar
Shaun Martinezpredicted NO

@RSWats ah I see, just read the market owners comment about either waiting it out till it grows to the point of majority not blue, or till he dyes it again after the cut

ShaunMartinez avatar
Shaun Martinezpredicted NO

@ShaunMartinez still an easy no tho, I know for a fact he's gotta be tired of the whole routine. I suspect he wants it normal for awhile and he'll maybe consider re-dyeing

PunishedFurry avatar
Punished Furrybought Ṁ0 of YES

He seemed pretty hesitant on re-dying his hair blue.

higherLEVELING avatar
higherLEVELINGpredicted YES

@PunishedFurry he needs to be reminded on how good he felt and the number of compliments from women when he first had it done. needs to stay blue or tiktok won't remember know who he is.