Will Apple stock (AAPL) make a new all-time high (>$182.94) before the end of WWDC23?
closes Jun 9

Resolves YES if AAPL intraday high > $182.94 during any regular Nasdaq trading session (09:30-16:00 ET) since market creation (2023-05-18) up to the end of WWDC on Friday, June 9, otherwise resolves NO. Reference is publicly-quoted intraday high price.

Recent high: 2023-05-19 $176.39

Last price: 2023-05-26 $175.43

(will try to update as it gets close to resolution)

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ScipioFabius avatar
Scipio Fabius

Hmm, where are you refferencing the ATH from? WeBull gives me an all time high of 181.36$ on 04.01.22

deagol avatar
Daniel Tellois predicting YES at 55%

@ScipioFabius Can’t find where WeBull.com shows that, but perhaps that price is adjusted for dividends. The reference for this market is the actual highest price it traded at, unadjusted for dividends. Would get adjusted for splits, if any (there won’t be any in next 3 weeks). I got it from the link provided in the description:

This matches Nasdaq data:

esusatyo avatar
Enrico Susatyobought Ṁ40 of NO

As a shareholder I’d love for this to happen. However hasn’t history shown that Apple events usually drives the share price down?

deagol avatar
Daniel Tellobought Ṁ0 of NO

@esusatyo sure but what about before the event? also, the hype for this event seems special

deagol avatar
Daniel Tellois predicting YES at 30%

@esusatyo and it’s only 4% higher

esusatyo avatar
Enrico Susatyois predicting NO at 63%

@deagol Fair enough, if I lose this market at least my portfolio will be happy.

makoyass avatar
mako yassis predicting YES at 34%

@esusatyo Which apple events? The majority in which apple does not reveal anything unexpectedly hype? And don't we know this one's not one of those?
There's usually a grow prior to the event, isn't there? And my understanding would be that a lot of that is institutional investors buying in anticipation of a big reveal that might happen, then they sell as soon as it doesn't.

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