By what percentage will US presidential campaign funding grow in 2024 relative to 2020?
Nov 7
Will not grow
0% - 25%
25% - 50%
50% - 75%
75% - 100%
100% or more

After the election, I will compare the total campaign funding raised by all presidential candidates in 2024 and in 2020.

I will obtain the percentage growth by looking at the difference between these two numbers and see what proportion of 2020 that difference is. That is:

(total_2024 - total_2020) / total_2020 * 100

The lower bounds of the intervals in the answers available are closed, where as the upper ones are closed. For instance, if the result is exactly 25%, then the answer selected will be "25% - 50%".

I will be using Open Secrets
I understand this site will probably not be up to date, but I do not expect that lag to be significant so as to produce different results, let me know if you have a better source that does not require manipulating tables.

In 2020, the presidential candidates raised $3,977.4 million.

At the time this market opened, the 2024 race had raised $229.9 million.

This market closes the day after the general election.

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