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closes Dec 31, 2023
Will Destiny Talk to Vaush in 2023?

Will Destiny (Steven Kenneth Bonnell II) talk to Vaush (Ian Kochinsky) in the year 2023?

Edit: Title Edit was just for testing reasons, this Market will close on December 31st 2023!

Talk: Be in the same (discord) call, or talk face to face, and exchange a couple of sentences.

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Destiny said that he hopes Vaush dies (12/06 Stream) and that he might not ever talk to him again to avoid giving Vaush clout (12/07 Stream).

I don't think it's happening lmao

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Entire Twix
is predicting NO at 42%

Massivemy overvalued market

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bought Ṁ46 of NO
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Billy Fenn
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He said he was going to have amnesty for everyone at the start of 2023. The odds they speak at least once in any kind of context seems like a safer bet to make.

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Old Chicken
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@BillyFenn Yes but you vastly underestimate how much Vaush hates destiny

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What if they talk in person? Secondly, what if it is revealed that vaush and destiny have been sexting the entire time?

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Conrad Getty
is predicting NO at 34%

@Kilmor In Person counts as talking, i "updated" the description. Sexting does not count, even though I would not be concerned about that - Vaush is a GAY man, not attracted to beautiful women like Destiny!

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Based friendship believers will bet and win with me