Will Destiny Talk to Vaush in 2023?
resolved Sep 29

Will Destiny (Steven Kenneth Bonnell II) talk to Vaush (Ian Kochinsky) in the year 2023?

Edit: Title Edit was just for testing reasons, this Market will close on December 31st 2023!

Talk: Be in the same (discord) call, or talk face to face, and exchange a couple of sentences.

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Thank you all for participating in my - so far - biggest market yet, long live friendship!

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Conrad Getty

@conradgetty please give me a 5 star review on this market 🥺👉👈

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where's the vid of them talking?

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Bit or arbitrage with a few other markets, but you need a lot on yes here to get risk-free profit
Talking on stream, sharing a panel and collabing all involve talking and are just one way they might talk.

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friendship optimists keep winning

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Just to make it easier for people. they are both going to be speakers at VidCon Baltimore,
check speaker section not featured creators

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@higherLEVELING I'd like to add, however, that as of now, there is no information suggesting they'd be on the same panel, or indeed talk to each other in any capacity.

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@dgga I would also add, however, that as of now, there is no information suggesting that they aren't on the same panel or indeed won't talk to each other in any capacity either.

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And Vaush might dodge and/or blame his autism

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@higherLEVELING They agree on everything, what would they even talk about?

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Did something happen?

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@Agh vidcon baltimore line-up got posted

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@johnleoks Why you gotta flood the comments with this.

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@NGK I guess they are changing the embeds cuz when he posted those 3 months ago, it was in rows of three,, so it looked neater and didn't take as much room. maybe bug or design change. but it wasn't like this before

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@higherLEVELING Market maker can/should hide the comment

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@Vergence FEBUARY 29th

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@RJPerez February 29th

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@RJPerez bruh Perez take a look at your calendar and save the date

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you dummies why would you make the time horizon a literal full calendar year? redo this stock so that it resolves monthly.

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@killerbot tik tok killed your patience