Will Australian inflation be 7.2% or greater in Q1 2023?
resolved Apr 26

Resolves on whether the Q1 2023 CPI release from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows CPI growth, rounded to one decimal place, of 7.2% or greater in the 12 months to March 2023.

This data will likely be released in April 2023. Market will resolve upon the initial release without regard for revisions that future releases may contain.

This question pertains to the quarterly CPI releases, not to the "monthly CPI indicator" series recently started by the ABS. If there is no longer such a distinction and the ABS moves to exclusively monthly CPI releases, then this market will resolve using the release for the month of March.

The threshold of 7.2% is based on (an interpolation of) the RBA's Feb 2023 forecast.

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