How many days in a row will I encounter unique bugs on Manifold?
resolved May 17
2 or more
10 or more
5 or more
1 or more
20 or more
40 or more

Every day in my local timezone (currently UTC+10), I will leave one or more comments with descriptions or screenshots of the bugs that I encountered on Manifold that day (edit: decided for now to make one comment per day and just edit it, because otherwise it would be a lot of comments).

Once a bug has been encountered and posted, it can't be commented again in this way - each day must be different bugs.

For how many days in a row will I encounter at least one bug and post about it?

Bugs must be ones I encountered organically on the day in question. I won't seek out bugs for this market specifically, but I do often investigate things about how Manifold works for other reasons, that make me more likely to encounter bugs than just "using a website normally". That still counts as encountering bugs organically.

Furthermore, if a bug is fixed such that I don't encounter it anymore in the context it was previously triggered, then regressions where the bug is re-introduced once again are fair game for posting.

Any bug no matter how small counts. UI bugs, API bugs, anything that is not correct and not as plausibly intended. Or even if intended in some sense, if unintended consequences of a change would count as a bug had the change not been intentional, then that will still count. Multiple consequences caused by the same underlying root cause count as separate bugs if I notice them on different days. This is deliberately intended to cast a wide net.

Being prompted to check out a bug exclusively because someone else reported it doesn't count, but if I then notice the bug in the course of subsequent usage of the site, that does count.

A "day" means the interval from midnight-to-midnight local time, and jumps forwards and backward in calendar date if I cross the international date line for some reason don't count as the day advancing. I'll label the days with calendar dates in comments anyway for convenience, and if I find myself planning to cross the dateline I'll make that clear.

As the market depends on my honestly and some judgement, I won't bet.

More options may be added and market close date extended as needed.

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No bugs encountered organically yesterday. The result is 14 days. Resolving!

Definitely plenty of bugs others saw yesterday, and I was using the site, but didn't organically encounter any myself.

3 bugs encountered today (May 16th, day 14)

  1. Betting UI showing 1/10/50 buttons instead of 10/50/250. Switched to 10/50/250 after a while, but took long enough that I was already done making a couple of bets and limit orders!

  2. Hard to know if this is a unique issue, but got a client-side error on mobile just after placing a bet. It was in a multi-choice market so maybe the crash was in updating the UI after the bet - reordering the options to reflect the new probability order or something.

    Update: yeah, looks specific to betting, which makes it unique with respect to the previous client-side error reported here (which was about portfolio graphs)

  3. Minor outage due to overloaded db

@chrisjbillington Was the site very laggy today? I stopped playing several times in different wifi a cellular environments- too busy to watch the circle spin while not Loading

@SusanneinFrance yes, guess I should add that too!

3 bugs encountered today (May 15th, day 13)

  1. I reopened a closed unlinked multiple-choice market, and the "resolve" interface remained visible until dismissed.

  2. Scrollbar here probably not intentional

  3. The bet button here is not sensitive for most of the button, only a region on the right of it is sensitive

3 bugs encountered today (May 14th, day 12)

  1. Internal server error when trying to view leagues rankings on mobile:

  2. Some funky behaviour when pasting multi-line text into a code block on mobile:

You are ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI, based on the GPT-4 architecture.
Knowledge cutoff: 2023-10
Current date: 2024-05-14
Image input capabilities: Enabled
Personality: v2
  1. Notification about unlinked multi-choice resolutions says "you rated this resolution 1 star", but actually I rated an earlier resolution in that market 1 star. Not sure whether you actually can rate individual resolutions within an unlinked multi-choice differently, but in any case the notification is incorrect since I have not rated the resolutions it is showing me.

2 bugs encountered today (May 13th, day 11)

  1. Very out of date prices in my trades tab, this is at least 7h old. This seems probably distinct from an earlier bug noted here where nothing was updating, as in this case my profit graphs have been updating fine all this time suggesting the actual metrics are being calculated.

  2. Internal server error. I think I was navigating back and forth between my notifications (which kept saying I had more even though I'd just viewed them) and the home feed or my profile, not sure. On mobile.

1 bug encountered today (May 12th, day 10)

  1. I clicked a notification on Android about a market resolving, and the Manifold app opened to the home page, not the market page the notification was about. I think this happens generally when clicking links that would open in the app, if the app hasn't been opened in a while such that it's opening from scratch.

3 bugs encountered today (May 11th, day 9)

  1. If you're viewing someone else's trades tab and you click the button at the bottom of the mobile app to go to your own profile page, it just jumps to the top of the current page, and doesn't actually navigate to your own profile. Clicking creator usernames in the trades tab does the same thing. You have to navigate home or something first before you can click to go to your own profile.

  2. A spam market that had already been NAd and the creator banned appeared in my feed, guessing that shouldn't happen

  3. Also you can see in the above screenshot that after I got a loan, the "loan already collected" tooltip was visible (I don't think I clicked again)

3 bugs encountered today (May 10th, day 8)

  1. There is a ~1px-wide region on the right edge of the bet increment/decrement buttons, which, if tapped/clicked, focuses the textual bet amount entry widget, which on mobile pops up a keypad. This is kind of easy to do on mobile if you're mashing the +250 button repeatedly, happens to me all the time and would happen more often if I didn't deliberately try to keep my thumb away from the edge. Below screenshot and gif copied from a previous bug report about this, though I did encounter it organically today

    It's easier to show the effect on desktop because the cursor changes to indicate the text entry widget will get focus - though I never actually trigger this by accident on desktop, only on mobile:

  2. I went to take some limit orders at 8% and 9% in a market. I did this by opening the bet UI to place a NO limit order at 8%, and I typed M100k into the bet amount box. The UI told me M27,014 would be filled now, so I entered M27,015 and placed the order. But only M20,710 was filled. It looks like Mira didn't have the balance for her YES order at 9%, so it bounced. But in the past the UI would factor in users' balances when telling you how much of their limit order you can take.

  3. "Error placing bet"

5 bugs encountered today (May 9th, day 7)

  1. Mobile app got stuck like this until I force quit it

  2. I posted a comment and immediately hit back after it posted. I saw this error message, but upon checking, the comment was successfully posted. When I went to make another comment later, the comment box was pre-filled with the text of the already-posted comment

  3. Didn't manage to get a screenshot, but I got "error requesting loan" requesting a loan today. It subsequently worked.

  4. Given the most recent bet in this screenshot, some of those limit orders should say they're filled

  5. This resolution notification says the market was resolved to "NaN%", actually it's a linked multi-choice that was straightforwardly resolved to one answer.

2 bugs encountered today (May 8th, day 6)

  1. Bet didn't go through, UI reverts to the bet button saying "select YES or NO" even though it should be impossible to see that nowadays since you always select YES or NO before seeing a betting interface (and I had selected NO)

  2. I sometimes get this error when I open the Manifold app even though I'm definitely not offline. Manifold works fine once it's dismissed

3 bugs encountered today (May 7th, day 5)

  1. This question was NAd and the notification nonsensically says negative profit was removed. I did not bet on this market and actually this is subsidy being returned.

  2. Two "1 new trader" notifications on a market that presumably should be coalesced into one that says "2 new traders" like the notification above them

  3. If you "select all" in a comment box on Android, and there is an @ mention in your selection (possibly only at the start), if you press backspace it only backspaces one character rather than deleting all the text

3 bugs encountered today (May 6th, day 4)

  1. The tooltip "reply with comment" remains visible on mobile after you tap the reply button, it doesn't go away as you type. Only vanishes once you tap somewhere.

  2. Users who have deleted their accounts show as "banned" in hovercards. This is because they are banned, according to the site, but this is merely as a means of preventing them from using the site, and it's not really correct for users to see this "banned" label for a user that nobody clicked the "banned" button on

  3. After claiming a boost and then returning to the home feed, the "claim boost" button was still active. Upon clicking it again of course you get an error, but it's a bug that the button was still clickable after it was already claimed

6 bugs encountered today (May 5th, day 3):

  1. When a mod resolves someone else's market, the review interface suggests the original creator resolved it

  2. You can enter some non-numeric characters in the bet amount entry box, specifically the lowercase characters e, u, i, d, f, n, I have no idea why those ones specifically (any ideas? I'm curious!). "1e2" is to my disappointment not interpreted as "100". I encountered and reported this bug some days ago before market creation, but this still counts as organic - a comment on discord prompted me to try the "1e2" thing today.

  3. If you search your trades for a search term with an ampersand (&) in it, and then you click on a market, when you click back in your browser to get back to the search, the search term gets has been truncated to before the ampersand:

    Similarly but slightly different, if you have a "+" in the search term, it just gets deleted rather than the search term truncated before it

    Minus symbols survive though (e.g. "GPT-4").

  4. Positions tab in a market is showing me as a YES holder after I bought some YES, though I am actually still a NO holder on net (I just bet YES to sell some)

  5. User-added subsidies from other users don't show the username (I know "A trader" here was Eliza). This doesn't look intentional, Manifold's source code looks like it is trying to use the actual username if possible, "a trader" is just a fallback.

  6. Encountered this on dev.manifold, but I know it's the case on main manifold because someone else has seen it. So gonna count it, it's a real manifold bug and I wasn't looking for it (was looking for other bugs, those don't count). Double negative sign in balance:

@chrisjbillington Can these be bugs which you had encountered prior to this market, or do they have to be bugs you had never seen before?

If they can be bugs you had seen before, roughly what percent of the first day bugs had you seen before?

I'm trying to get a sense of how representative that "29" on day 1 was.

@DanielTilkin Yes, they can be bugs I've encountered before market creation. At a rough count I'd seen 14 of the 29 before, so about half. Both bugs so far from today I've also seen before.

15 bugs encountered today (May 4th, day 2):

  1. I superbanned a spammer, but it didn't NA their markets. A message said "markets not affected (>5)" though the user only had four markets that I could tell (i.e. that were listed).

  2. On mobile, there seems to be no way to delete an image once you've inserted one into a comment box. Backspacing through it doesn't do anything. You have to post the comment and then edit it on desktop, or abandon your comment and open a mobile browser to write it there instead - since your comment draft is remembered by the app and so you can't even start from scratch posting a comment in the same place. I guess you could tell your phone to clear all app data, that would probably work.

  3. On the version of Android I'm on at least (whatever comes with a recent Pixel), if you highlight some text in a comment box, the toolbar that Manifold pops up is unfortunately underneath a toolbar Android pops up. If you want to turn some text into a link using the Manifold popup you need do a little dance of selecting text and adjusting the selection, and to have very quick fingers (after adjusting the selection the Android toolbar pops up after the tiniest delay, during which you can press buttons on the Manifold toolbar). Here's a screenshot - the Manifold toolbar is completely underneath the Android one.

  4. I superbanned a user and it didn't hide their comments either! It says they have more than 15 comments, but it looks to me like they only have ten

  5. When you hide a comment, after clicking "hide", the menu doesn't disappear, you have to click off somewhere

  6. After hiding all of this user's comments, navigating away from the page and then back again, the comments didn't appear hidden. Eventually they did but I don't know if it was because I clicked hide again (repeatedly), or just the required state eventually propagated to where it needed to be.

  7. Clicked back in mobile browser, and the resulting page loaded like this

  8. On mobile if you are writing comment and you tag a user i.e. @chrisjbillington, a space is automatically inserted after the tag. If you backspace the space, either because you don't want a space or if you want to backspace the tag, your mobile keyboard disappears and you have to tap the comment box to get it back again.

  9. When typing my username to tag myself above, the username search box was mostly off the bottom of the screen with no way to scroll to see the rest of it - I could only insert a tag for the top result which was visible. I guess this is specific to when you're editing a comment.

  10. "All-time" graphs loading forever. This happens frequently but I thought it might have been fixed with the new graphs, but I guess not

  11. This supposedly trending topic (which has no markets - the algo surfacing this is potentially also a bug) shows an infinite loading graphic for its leaderboard, obviously there is nothing to load so a message like "no trades yet" would make more sense

  12. If I select "all" in my trades tab and sort by oldest trades first, the oldest trades look to be from April 2023, and I was on Manifold prior to then. So some markets/trades are missing. This checks out, since at one point a few months ago I checked the browser dev tools network tab and saw it only loads the most recent 5,000 bets, and I know I was getting close to hitting that limit the time, must have crossed over it now.

  13. The site had a widespread outage for I think tens of minutes whilst I was submitting the last edit to this comment which preventing me from submitting it, most of the site wasn't functional during this time.

  14. Just bought some YES shares on this market, but it still shows the payout as if I owned one NO share (which is what I had prior to making the YES bet). I'm used to this taking a few seconds to update but this time it didn't update until page reload.

  15. If you make a bet and then reply to a comment with a bet, the probability shown in the betting UI that pops up is out of date, not reflecting the bet you just made

@chrisjbillington I had that happen with a question I embedded in the description when I was making a market. Eventually I gave up trying to fix it and just posted the market with the unrelated comment in the description. Of course my initial diagnosis of PIBKAC may be right, but this sounds similar.

29 bugs encountered today (May 3rd, day 1):

  1. My profit/balance/investment graphs haven't updated since 7am yesterday

  2. The Top traders leaderboard incorrectly shows usernames instead of display names, and if you click on them the URL incorrectly is formed using the display name instead of username. E.g. I'm displayed like the below (my username instead of display name), and if you click on me you get sent to which is a 404

  3. There is a five-second delay before the order book appears when you open the betting UI. This is known/ intentional, but the order book appearing caused the UI to jump on mobile and for the "place bet" button to appear under my thumb whilst I was tapping the "+" bet button, and I placed a bet when I hadn't intended do. Because of this delay, introduced maybe a week ago, I'm also waiting 5 seconds before placing a bet all the time now, because otherwise the betting UI might display the incorrect post-bet probability/payout if there are limit orders that it's not factoring in yet.

  4. This unlinked multiple-choice market is showing a bar indicating a limit order below current market price, suggesting it's a YES limit order, but the only limit orders near market price are NO limit orders

  5. Portfolio metrics look like they haven't updated in more than a day - this market is showing a negative one-day profit, but no trades have been placed since I sold some NO shares on May 1st something like 40h ago.

  6. Got this error when clicking the "one day" view for the "profit" tab of my portfolio graphs. Seems to be reproducible. Probably related to the graphs not having any data in the last day since they haven't been updating.

  7. I saw this absurdly large negative "spent" figure when loading a market (it becomes normal a second or two later as the page loads)

  8. I loaded this market page in order to edit this comment to add more bugs, and the visible comment did not reflect a previous edit made some minutes earlier. I reloaded the page and then it did.

  9. Someone just bought a series of my limit orders from 6% to 10% on one market in a single trade, and I immediately got a notification, but only about the 7% one

  10. Other users' balance shown on their profiles is out of date (this is unrelated to the charts not updating, they're even more out of date)

  11. The search box on other users' portfolio pages says "search your trades", even though it's someone else's trades.

  12. I just clicked to collect a loan and the net worth indicator incorrectly increased by the amount of the loan (I was expecting this, so screencapped it)

  13. Whilst I was submitting the last edit to this comment, the site seemed to have some downtime for ~5 minutes. This was just after midnight Pacific time, when I think lots of jobs are running (to update the stats page and whatnot), so something overloaded maybe, used to happen often.

  14. Speaking of the stats page, it hasn't updated for the past two days (it should have up to May 2nd if everything were working)

  15. I got a notification about it when I added liquidity to my own market

  16. Long-resolved markets on my trades tab marked as last bet on zero seconds ago

  17. NAd markets on my trades tab showing as having negative value

  18. A market of STONK type that is not open for trading

  19. Out-of-date profile picture shown on comment

  20. Referral notification says that someone signed up to bet on a particular market, which is not possible since the market in question is closed and resolved (presumably they signed up after following a link to that market or something, but in that case the notification's wording is incorrect)

  21. Referral balance log entry includes a user id, probably not intended to be user-facing information

  22. I'm a partner, where's my partner bonus for the referral! Either I didn't get it or I didn't get a notification, either would seem to be a bug (I assume just the notification is missing).

  23. Partner page should show a rank here I'm pretty sure (should be 20 according to the leaderboard, which I was expecting to be broken but it's actually not!)

  24. I clicked the "change banner" button to view the banner image for this market, but it displayed a broken image placeholder:

  25. I've been getting more traders than usual today despite not doing anything like boosting or reposting. Wondering why this is, I logged into an alt account in order to see if its home feed contained many of my markets (since I don't think it shows you your own markets, so I have to check from an alt), and the home feed just never loads. This appears to be distinct from the site outage mentioned earlier, since from my main account everything is working fine. Just the alt has no home feed. This isn't a one-off, I can't get the home feed for the alt to show at all.

  26. I thought maybe it was because the account wasn't following any topics, so I followed a random topic and got this error. Subsequent attempts to follow topics worked fine. Following topics didn't fix the home feed though.

  27. After I modresolved this market (note: title was edited in a presumed attempt at fraud) /Lannuser/will-gpt5-be-announced-in-the-month, the "top traders" list actually shows traders who made a loss. After reloading the page, the list correctly shows the actual top profiting traders.

  28. I added some topics to this market, and they didn't appear until I reloaded the page

  29. Graph weirdness

@chrisjbillington Is the five second delay before showing limit orders really intentional? It’s been annoying me to no end.

@Arky yes, some discussion here, @Sinclair introduced it as part of some other changes, so it's known at least. Though perhaps its consequences not appreciated. 5s turns out to be an eternity, and the betting UI shows wrong numbers in the meantime if you're entering info for a bet. Not great!

Edit: dammit the whole text is a discord link, extra bug incoming about how hard it is to make/remove links on mobile.

Do literal insects count?

@benshindel No, ants on my screen do not count 👍

bought Ṁ5 20 or more NO

@chrisjbillington well technically ants are arachnids, but...

@benshindel They're not arachnids, but I think you're right that they're not "bugs" either as an entomologist would define things.

But whilst they might not be a botanical bug, they're a culinary bug.

@chrisjbillington then why do they have 8 legs?

@benshindel That looks like a very skinny spider!

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