Has the San Francisco Police Department started enforcing traffic laws again (will they issue >2k citations in Feb/Mar)?
resolved May 14

Resolves YES if the San Francisco Police Department issues more than 2000 traffic citations in either of February or March 2024, according to statistics published in monthly PDFs on the SFPD website. This would be more traffic citations than in any month since February 2020, and more than 5× the average monthly citations since January 2022.

The relevant figure in the PDF tables is the "Total Traffic Violations" column, "Grand Total-<month>." row (the row highlighted in dark blue). E.g. for January 2024, this figure was 586.


Traffic citations in San Francisco declined markedly at the start of the pandemic and remained low thereafter. They have been particularly low since the end of 2021. Here's a graphic (source) of monthly traffic citations by the SFPD since the start of 2014:

And zoomed in from the start of the pandemic:

Some however have observed an increase in traffic stops and predict that this is changing:

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Hey well it did pick up a lot!

Most in a month since the pandemic started, I think it looks like?

Market resolves NO, but I think @EmmettShear can claim some victory on his prediction anyway.

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839 in February and 1454 in March

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