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"Addicted" in the common sense of the word, not necessarily the DSM-6 definition. If you would describe yourself in casual conversation to friends as "addicted" to Manifold, or if your friends would describe you as such, please answer Yes.

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The streak bonus system insures I check in once a day. Otherwise it would be like other social media platforms— one of many, idly browsing when I have time. But the discipline of voting once a day has me searching Manifold for worthy topics that spark 🔥 my interest. I like researching topics outside Manifold (when I have time…) to make my bets more likely! I am making far fewer bets since fees came along.

I voted "See results" even though I could already see the results 💀

@Agh oh, didn't realise polls had results visible by default. Is it a checkbox or something whether that's the case? Need to pay more attention.

@chrisjbillington In retrospect I think it only applies to embeds! e.g. in this comment I can see the results of the embedded poll, put once I got to the poll's page I don't see the results anymore

Part of the motivation each of the 2 times I destroyed my account(once back in January and once a couple days ago). Generally anything "gamified" that tries to keep you coming back I tend to abruptly quit. There was also a bit of: "Mira you have a negative -M155k profit. Why should we believe anything you say about GPT-4 given your track record?", so I wanted to get top leaderboard just to prove I could before I quit. Just saying "You guys know I could be top trader anytime I want, right?" and nobody believes that.

The most recent one I would've zeroed my account shortly after January, rather than going negative, had they not unjustly fined Catnee. Instead, I calibrated my exit to "fine Manifold in the same amount they stole from Catnee&Nikita".

@Mira Given that you proved you could be top trader, why did you choose to have -155k profit?