Will I have sex in the next 24...?
Dec 31
romantic dates
hotel stays
orgies attended
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Long, dark teatimes of the soul

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I am a straight male in my 20s.

I live in SF and I am actively going on dates.

I have been to at least one orgy in the past.

This resolves YES if I am involved in any kind of sexual penetration.

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Long, dark teatimes of the soul

@Eyeamb lmao what does this even mean?

Does the sex have to be at the hotel or during the stay to count? At the orgy? In association with the date? Or just happen before 24 of the listed events happen?

@EvanDaniel The last one. It should just happen.

bought Ṁ1 romantic dates NO

How often do you drink beer?

@chicago55372 damn, how many individual beers?


hotel stays
bought Ṁ10 hotel stays YES

If you stay 2 nights in a row at 1 place, does this count as 1 stay? Or 2?

This market is currently predicting approximately 1 hotel stay per week, and I'm left wondering if this is normal for people in SF.

It is not as far as I know.

@Stralor you're an inspiration

@shankypanky ahahaha

@Stralor give us context @chicago55372! I'm happy to bet here but I have no baseline

yeah how often do you do any of these things?

@Stralor @shankypanky added some information