Which option is better aligned with your value? (Death probabilities assignment on two groups)
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50% death rate for group A, 50% death rate for group B
90% death rate for group A, 10% death rate for group B

Note: not a math problem, but an ethics problem.

There are 100 people total. 30 of them are from group A, 70 are from group B. And group A and B are protected classes/things you cannot change once born.

There are two sets of probability of death, and you have to assign one of them to the group.

Option 1 (50 A 50 B) will yield to 50 deaths, and option 2 (90 A 10 B) will yield to 34 deaths.

Assume there are no other people in the world that can “replace” in any sense for group A nor group B, meaning there will not be more A or more B in the rest of the world.

More follow up polls coming up with slightly or not slightly varying conditions/probability distributions.

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Does either group A or B provide a group(A+B) advantage for survival in this generation (e.g., resources, defense capabilities from attacking group C, etc.) and subsequent generations (e.g., genetic advantages, fertility, etc.)?

@WillyTheWhite This is unknown, may or may not

Am I allowed to assume there are many many more people from group A in the rest of the world?

@ArmandodiMatteo Great ask, in this case no. But I will ablate other versions of the poll, with varying proportions of the distributions of A and B in the rest of the world.