will my manifold emails from @egyweva ever be "normal"?
closes Jun 1

so normally my notifications about a new market being created by someone i follow looks something like this:

however, for some reason, every single market created by @egyweva is backwards, like such:

if you're wondering, this reads "doubleluft, (who you're following, just created a new market, check it out!" you may notice that the text is completely backwards, and the formatting is strange too. additionally in the image, doubleluft is spelt backwards as well.

i have absolutely no clue why this is. i do notice that their username is "backwards", but i don't know why this would affect the emails i receive. (this has been the case for several months, so it's not april fools or anything, i think)

resolves YES if by close date my emails aren't backwards from doubleluft, and NO if they are still backwards. i must see conclusive evidence that they are fixed- just one outlier months before resolve date won't change anything.

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now manifold is going to patch this ):

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Ameliais predicting NO at 25%

quick @cece delete the market

ithildulin avatar
Ameliais predicting NO at 5000.0%

i just realized she could change her username just to screw us over

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asking the real questions here

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pancakesbought Ṁ10 of NO

@ithildulin do your emails do the same??

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Ameliabought Ṁ55 of NO

@cece yes

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I assume the username has a zero width character which reverses the text

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@Conflux zero width characters can burn

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