Will my 50 most-listened tracks (all-time) feature a song without Taylor Swift sometime this year?
resolved Jan 1

Currently, my top 50 consists of... 50 Taylor Swift songs. If I check https://www.statsforspotify.com/ and there's a song on there that isn't Taylor Swift sometime this year, this resolves YES. Otherwise NO.

I will check semi-regularly (probably a little less than once a day) and will not attempt to manipulate this market. I have Taylor Swift music running sometimes while I'm sleeping, but throughout the day I pretty much only listen to other music. (Like IU! Shameless plug for my other market! https://manifold.markets/halfaswiftie/will-i-be-an-uaena-by-the-end-of-20)

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So, has it?

cringe Taylor Swift is 🤮

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update (if anyone cares): i've listened to maybe five taylor swift songs in the past 4 months and listened to probably 2+ hours of spotify each day (on average). i pretty much only listened to one playlist consisting of <50 songs.

my 50 most listened tracks in the past six months are still all taylor swift and have not changed, let alone all-time. (and i listened to way more ts last year than i did this year.)

i think this will almost certainly resolve no.

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@cece wait, if it stays all TS, doesn’t it resolve NO?

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@Conflux sorry. yes. that

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@cece woah actually i just checked again and "mo bamba" by sheck wes has somehow cracked my top 50 in the past 6 months

@cece so shouldn't it resolve YES?

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@Paulf4db oh, no, so basically on the site i linked (https://www.statsforspotify.com/) there's a tab for "top tracks over the last four weeks," "top tracks over the last six months," and "top tracks all time." so even though a non-taylor song was in my "top tracks over the last six months" tab it wasn't in the "all-time" tab. i didn't mean that it entered the "top 50" some time in the last six months, but rather that, over the last six months, mo bamba was one of my top 50 most listened to songs. hopefully that's not confusing.

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wow! cool market idea!

@DesTiny i credited you in a google chat, if that counts

@halfaswiftie Y'know I'll take it