Will I have a school-related crisis in the 2023-24 school year?
resolved Jun 11

In the 2022-23 school year, I had three school crises: two were gradewide and one was personal.

Last year I was a freshman and I guess historically freshmen have had gradewide crises every year and not had crises in their following years, although having two is unprecedented (and the number of people that got in trouble is as well).

I was involved in the first crisis and not really in the second, and I am friends with people who are prone to being involved in these crises.

If it becomes apparent that I am still having my personal crisis next year (I think it's gone but who knows) then that will not affect this market; however, if something happens next year to amplify the same crisis then this will resolve YES.

If I believe I have any relation to a crisis in my grade- whether I caused it, or I am affected by it in more ways than most kids in my grade- then this resolves YES. If I believe I have some personal crisis relating to school (whether socially, mentally, academically, or something else) this resolves YES. Otherwise it resolves NO.

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