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This is pretty self explanatory: I won't change this market at all (i.e. I won't bet, I won't comment, etc.) unless I am bribed to. The twist is, everything about this market is bribe-able: by paying me, you can choose to resolve it sooner rather than later, or comment a fake update... pretty much anything goes! If you have another idea, DM me on Discord (pancakesaresexy) and I'll almost certainly allow it.

I'll lay out some clarifications:

  • While I may negotiate prices, my goal isn't to haggle down to the best deal. If your offer is a reasonable price considering everything else I've been offered, I will almost positively accept it. With that being said, the prices may vary depending on the circumstances.

  • The resolution of this market will be in the direction in which I have been collectively offered- and paid- the most. Once the market is closed, I will request my mana from each bribe I received favoring the winning direction, which must be paid by each individual in the next 48 hours. If I deem the amount I received to be suspiciously less than I was promised (with potential leeway if I am notified in advance that someone won't be active for some time, but no exceptions for IOUs) then I will pay back everyone who bribed me in full and proceed by requesting to receive each bribe in the other direction over the course of 72 hours. From there I will resolve the market in favor of this new direction if the money surpasses that of the original direction's payment; otherwise I will resolve it in favor of the original direction. I'm sure there's some way to work around this cleverly but unless someone brings it up specifically I'll leave it as is.

  • I may choose to provide occasional updates on how the market is going; however, as a forewarning, this may be manipulated as well.

  • I will do my best to respond as fast as possible, but do note that I have other things to do as well.

  • I do accept upfront payment as well, and promise to pay it back in full in the event that your side loses.

  • I will not divulge who bribed me to do what unless specifically requested.

Some things I can be bribed to do:

  • I can be paid to divulge information about the current way I am being bribed towards

  • I can be paid to bet a certain direction (not sure how this would help at all)

  • I can be bribed to change the close date, but it must be at least 48 hours in the future starting from the point in which I update it on the market. (Thus it will be visible for everyone.)

Some things I can't be bribed to do:

  • Except for extreme circumstances I will not accept bribery to resolve with 100% certainty in one direction, and if I do then the market would resolve immediately as to reduce the amount of insider trading.

  • I cannot be bribed to change any of the clarifications specified above, unless the clarification explicitly mentions that it is subject to change.

  • I will not accept briberies that have me resolve the market the opposite way, or pretend to do someone's bribe but then not, or anything of the sort, as I feel this goes against the market's intention.

I may add or remove or change things in this description to promote the generally agreed upon common-sense spirit of this market.

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⚠Creator will only resolve if bribed.(Dm'd in Discord). I was not going to touch this, but with no update from creator in the description or extending of market, I am treating this as low quality/spam.

📢Resolved to N/A

@cece Will you resolve this?

@cece Please re-open the market if you do not intend to resolve it.
Please see Community Guidelines

Under what extreme circumstances will you accept bribes to definitely, immediately resolve it one way?

@TamarSpoerri if I all of a sudden have to leave manifold permanently for whatever reason. That's literally it.

@cece Discord says you only accept DMs from friends… Can you disable that?

@TamarSpoerri try that and lmk if it works

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