Will 10 people use the Remind Me bot before the end of 2023 (THIS IS USEFUL FOR YOU!)
resolved Dec 28

I made a Remind Me bot for markets, similar to the one on reddit. It can message you after a certain period of time, or when a market's percentage changes a certain amount. You can check out how it works here.

Currently, to use the bot, you managram @cc7 with a parameter and a market name, and it will automatically mention you in this market when you're supposed to be reminded (after a certain amount of time or when the market reaches a certain threshold).

This market will resolve YES if at least 10 different accounts use the Remind Me bot before the end of 2023. It counts even if they decide to cancel their reminder.

Unrelatedly, if you find bugs, please submit them here

Note: For a little bit, I used my main account to manage the transactions, so one transaction was done on cc6 (so it won't be visible on cc7). Also I count as a user.

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The bot will be back up either today or tomorrow! I got back from vacation yesterday, so I'll be able to work on it now

@cc6 Sorry everyone, a bunch of things came up and I got sidetracked by my other Community Fund proposal, so I didn't fix it. I'll get it back online soon!

predicted YES

@cc6 resolves YES.

bought Ṁ1,100 of YES
bought Ṁ300 of YES

This is at 9 because I just send M10 to cc7

Currently 7, right?

bought Ṁ20 of YES

@mint actually I just saw the description, is it 8 then?

@mint 8 as of today

predicted YES

@cc6 this feels very manipulatable lol

@lag that's the point

predicted YES

how many people have used it so far

predicted YES

does the amount of people that used remind me with your main account count?

@lag Yes

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