Which measures will help @firstuserhere walk 100K steps?
resolved Dec 28
Walk 10k forward then 10k backwards (keeps your body odometer at 0, never get tired)
Run the first 10,000 steps
Doing the attempt on December 31st so there is the pressure of no mistakes allowed
Eat at least 5 different fruits and 10 different vegetables blended together
Walking no more than 10k steps per day in the week preceding the 100k attempt
Double socking (wearing two socks)
Walk a 50K the previous day

Each option resolves YES if they do it and are subsequently able to walk 100K steps. If an option is done by @firstuserhere before attempt(s) and does not allow them to walk 100K steps during any attempt where it is done, then it resolves NO. Options that are not done resolve NO because they probably weren't very good in the first place if he didn't want to do it.

I can also resolve obvious or nonsensical answers to N/A, such as "drink water" because everyone drinks water every day ("drink 5L of water" would be fine though). "Sleep with your head facing east" would resolve N/A because it's nonsensical. This will be done at my own discretion.

Some of @Gen's questions were N/Aed because of a change in market resolution criteria. Do not take those as an example of questions that are resolved N/A

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@firstuserhere did you try double socking during this attempt?

fwiw I asked him midway through the challenge and he said no

@traders how do you all feel about making things that he doesn't do resolve NO?

@cc6 My strategy is being ruined in real time!

I don't mind if you do this, I will sacrifice my currently committed mana to the troll gods and repent for messing with your market

I'll wait 30 minutes to get some opinions

@Gen I'll resolve yours N/A if you want so it's not unfair

I feel like the market parameters here are kind of weird. Something like "wake up before 9AM" should reasonably be at around 60% despite being obviously helpful, because he'll presumably do this for any attempt and so it won't resolve N/A. But something like "eat a cracker at the beginning of the day" should also be at 60%, because it is mostly useless and conditional on him doing it, 60% would be still the best guess for whether he finishes. How do you differentiate good things from useless things that aren't actively bad?

@dominic I'm honestly not really sure how to differentiate between the two. I guess I could make things that he doesn't do resolve NO?

@cc6 Subjective, but could ask him "did you feel like this helped" for each of the things that he did?

@dominic I feel like that's worse. I'm trying to keep this objective

Doing the attempt on December 31st so there is the pressure of no mistakes allowed

Advisable if willpower is likely to be the limiting factor, but I'm getting the impression FUH has it in spades. In which case probably allowing time for another attempt if something beyond FUH's control prevents the first one could be a good idea.

E.g. he could catch a virus, or there could be a thunderstorm.

(Injury could also happen, but an injury now is likely to doom an attempt before end of year regardless, so isn't a factor)

We were all trolling on that comment thread and this seems like it doesn't want troll answers, so apologies if my participation is not what you wanted.

I'm betting on FUH not doing it, so I wouldn't want to provide any good advice

@Gen ha I thought your answer was serious - I can see that being a valid approach for some!

@chrisjbillington This means my ruse worked, you clearly accepted my explanation of the very real scientific terms "warm legs" and "cold legs" and didn't look them up!