Will a new Speaker of the US House of Representatives be elected before the end of October?
resolved Oct 25

Kevin McCarthy was ousted as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives on 3 Oct 2023. The election of McCarthy to Speaker in January 2023 took 5 days (Jan 3 to Jan 7). The House is expected to hold an election for Speaker next Wednesday (11th of October).

Will a new Speaker be elected on or before midnight (EST) October 31st (i.e. the end of the month)?

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I'm seeing that NYT, BBC, and Wikipedia are all saying Mike Johnson has been officially elected Speaker. Resolving this question to YES.

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Just get Trump in there already

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The US House of Representatives will not be elected before the end of October, as the Republicans are having internal issues. Due to Jim Jordan being the race, Republicans are not getting sufficient votes. As his presence in the party, 1st time the party got 200/217 votes and for the second time, the party got only 199/217 votes. There are 2 other members from the Republican party in the race for the election except Jim Jordan, so it might be difficult to come to conclusion before october end.