resolved Jun 10

Live at Manifest, we will flip a coin on Sunday evening. Heads resolves yes, Tails resolves no.

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@sanyero Legend

@sanyero Where are you

@sanyero impressively, you had such high net worth that even after this you're still not even close to bankruptcy, how did you get so rich so quickly lol?

@CyfralCoot holy shit, they pay out $100 dollars equivalent to each guest in a free gift?

@TheAllMemeingEye I dont know for sure. But yeah, that would be crazy

@CyfralCoot fwiw they gave guests about ~35k total, in separate increments (10k at door qr code, 10k for filling out survey, 15k in the airdrop including 5k prize points to facilitate night market stuff). so that 100k single transaction is something else (dunno what)

@Ziddletwix for designing manachan t-shirts or something


bought Ṁ250 YES

@bence loudest coin flip of my life


@traders ONE MINUTE

live from Eigen Hall

Coin flip is at 8pm in Eigen Hall. Live stream link incoming.

@case Check manifold TV!!! We will read the manifold chat, probably not the twitch chat

51% heads? Aren't coins technically slightly more likely to land tails?

@PlasmaBallin surely it depends on the coin engraving design whether there's a tiny weight imbalance?

@case where's the flip happening at manifest?

@bence TBD, I think people are busy watching the poker tournament atm but I’ll try do a 10-15min warning before the actual flip and get a scuffed livestream going (all the AV people have packed up, in preparation for open doors later)

Roughly one hour until we flip!!

@Gen (Subject to change)

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