Will I punch someone by March 18, 2024
resolved Feb 25

Resolves YES if I punch someone by March 18, 2024, without warning them or asking if I could punch said person. It has to be with enough force to at least make them shift their weight back(stumble, step back, etc..).

I have never punched anyone, though I have thrown people(with permission), and I have a friend who has asked me to punch them. My friends have punched me before(with permission).

I won't bet on this market.

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Inspired by this market

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Punching the friend wouldn't count because you had permission right?

@TheAllMemeingEye It would count, but only if they weren't aware I was about to punch them. It would count if I did it without warning, because I didn't get permission for that hit.

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Make love no war

@JaseHughes by punching my friend, I would be doing what they wanted me to(since they want to be punched), thus making it an act of love.

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I love it how the banner says "Nothing to see here"

@Notwhoyouthink what banner? there is clearly no banner. no banner to see. there is none. nothing. nada.

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i am the friend and i will make sure it is done bet yes (i'll even managram every yes bettor their money back if it resolves no)

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@redsky I will punch you... One day.. [before March 19]

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@bug you'd better. if you failed to randomly attack me without my knowing i would feel so backstabbed

@redsky ...more like... back punched... oh god that was the worst pun i've ever made. give me a second

@bug you could say.. it was a terrible PUNCHline

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@bug the punchline one made up for it a little bit but 'back punched' was really awful.

@redsky it was PUNgent.

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@redsky updates?

@jBosc I've been punched off-guard now, so it's set to resolve yes

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@bug Is this report of a punch accurate?

@Arky Yep