Will there be at least 5 "markets" on Manifold advertising escorts or call girls in September?
closes Sep 30

In September, we have already faced 2 markets made by spammers regarding escort and call girls.

Will Manifold see 5 of them this month, or would the advertisers just give up?

List of such markets:

This market does not count.

Only ads posted as markets count. Ads posted in comments or in user profiles or in any other deranged way do not count.

User reports can be seen here https://manifold.markets/admin/reports

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KevinFischer avatar
Kevin Fischerbought Ṁ10 of NO

I assume it actually has to be spam, and not a market similar/derivative to this one?

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bohaska avatar

@KevinFischer Yes

> Will there be at least 5 "markets" on Manifold advertising escorts or call girls in September?

Advertising is an important part. This market is not intended to advertise escorts or call girls.

Aboczjr avatar
Andrew Bocz


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bohaska avatar

@Aboczjr I already saw and counted that market

CamillePerrin avatar
Camille Perrin

Im fairly sure I have reported more than 2 (though it's getting mixed up in my memory with the viagra ads tbh). How are you planning on getting an accurate (and demonstrable) count, given they are probably removed by the admins?

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bohaska avatar

@CamillePerrin Checking the report logs on the Manifold discord server

bohaska avatar

@bohaska A search in the channel for escort, call and girls showed 2 (distinct) results, and 1 ad as a comment

bohaska avatar

@CamillePerrin Source changed, the admins discontinued the Discord report logs. They can now be seen at https://manifold.markets/admin/reports