Will there be a YES/NO market with more than 1k traders without "will" in its name before 2024?
resolved Dec 30

Every single binary market with more than 1k traders as of October 21st, 2023, has the word "will" in the name of it.

  • Will the LK-99 room temp, ambient pressure superconductivity pre-print replicate before 2025?

  • Will Biden be the 2024 Democratic Nominee?

  • Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of human (sex) trafficking?

  • Will Joe Biden win the 2024 US Presidential Election?

  • (M25000 subsidy!) Will a prompt that enables GPT-4 to solve easy Sudoku puzzles be found? (2023)

and on and on...

The highest-ranking market without "will" in its name is Isaac's "Did COVID-19 come from a laboratory?" market with 667 traders.

Resolves YES if a binary YES/NO market gains 1k traders without having "Will" in its name before 2024, in 2023. Changing the name of a market to achieve this goal doesn't count. I will let it slide if the name change wasn't made to manipulate this market and was made relatively early.

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resolving a few hours early

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"Why was Sam Altman fired?", 1487 traders

@hidden The headline explicitly said "yes/no market"

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@bohaska Oh, I was wrong

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