Will my dad get his laptop back from the airplane?
resolved May 17

When my dad was on the airplane, he put his work laptop in these big pockets in front of him. He forgot to take it out when he left the airplane, and left it there, then later realized he lost it after getting off the airplane. He didn't manage to get it while at the airport.

It was a domestic flight in China.

Resolves YES if the laptop is found and is being sent to us within the next 30 days. Resolves NO otherwise.

The laptop is a Dell laptop.

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How soon after realising it was lost did he report it, and to whom did he report it?

@Lorelai like, after he got off the plane, he went to the airport staff and police

My dad has gotten a new laptop from his workplace since and we've assumed the old laptop to be gone or stolen.

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my parents believe that the laptop was stolen either by a passenger or by one of the airline staff