Will I publish my video on the Whales vs. Minnows market saga before June?
resolved May 31

I am creating a video on WvM that I hope will be finished before the end of May. Will it be?

Resolves YES if I post the video online publicly before June 1st.

Resolves NO otherwise.

I will only bet YES on this market, because it is partially an incentive for me.

The video must be at least 10 minutes without fluff, in order to stop myself from posting a 3 second video with the title "Whales vs. Minnows"

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Good video. I hope you make more manifold content in the future. It could have used a few days more polish though...

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@Rederth Doing voiceover is one of my least favorite things, somehow when I am reading into a microphone I stop knowing how to speak

@bingeworthy I got speech jammed all the time when I started streaming ages ago. Gets better with time if you enjoy the hobby. Showing off an imbalanced card game was more fun then the performance anxiety so I kept at it.

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3pm ET

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@bingeworthy ooh nice! Very excited

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@bingeworthy been looking forward to this since the announcement.

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not seeing any YES bets from the creator lately

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@Conflux could be the long con. They have no obligation not to dream crush. However I'm going to scrutinize the hell out of the definition of fluff if it's 10 minutes. This is 50 of my hard earned mana at stake.

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@Rederth you can certainly try

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@bingeworthy again, noting that you’re not betting YES…

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I believe.

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My brain: it's still not out yet. This could be a good chance to make some returns. I don't want to invest too much though, in case it is almost finished.

Also my brain: 1000 to buy out the pot huh. Looks like an easy 400 in profit to me. Literally can't lose

Where will the video be available when completed?

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@NoyaV I'll upload it to YT and post the link here

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Script done. Now only recording + editing.

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@bingeworthy you should take a break, you've been working hard. Like... two weeks and a touch of well earned break

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@bingeworthy are you using your own voice, or voice cloning or TTS voice, etc for narration?

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I’d be happy to see said video but 99% chance of it getting done is just not on. Consider my NO bet to be incentive to finish it.


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@JohnSmithb9be I am super motivated to take your mana :)