Will Leinier Dominguez play in the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament?
Apr 3

This resolves positively if Dominguez is able to qualify and play in the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament:


If Dominguez qualifies for but declines to partipate in the tournament, it will resolve negatively.

If Dominguez is selected by FIDE as a replacement in the tournament, without qualifying directly, this will still resolve positively.

This market closes at the start of the candidates tournament. If Dominguez, somehow, participates in the tournament and is paired in the first round, but never manages to play a match due to sickness, protest, or other factors, it will resolve negatively. This market will resolve negatively after the first round of the tournament occuring without Dominguez being a listed player, or positively upon Dominguez playing a match in the tournament.

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Currently Dominguez is now tied with So for the final rating spot, after his game today.

However, this is according to live ratings on 2700chess.com

If they're underestimating So's rating by even 0.1 elo, he will round up to 2758.

We'll have to let the FIDE number crunchers do their work.

This would need So to decline, uh?

predicts NO

@MP Dominguez can play another tournament before the end of the year. Also, if Wesley wins the World Blitz, or gets top three in the World Rapid, he has a chance of getting the FIDE circuit spot, depending on who exactly attends those tournaments.

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