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resolved Sep 5
Will I run a half-marathon in 2022?

Resolves YES if I run a half-marathon race event in 2022. (Solo running the distance doesn't count) Context: - I've ran one before -- in 2019 - I'm registered for a race in September (though, I registered for it like 2 years ago and it's gotten bumped twice due to COVID, so this isn't as strong a commitment as it would otherwise seem) - I run 3-4 times/week. #Personal

Jul 13, 8:11pm: - I've been running ~6-7 mi on weekends and ~3-4 mi 2x during the week for the past couple months. The long runs don't wear me out as much as I'd expect. Pretty optimistic about increasing the weekend run distances. - Started a training plan spreadsheet that has me bumping up my weekend long runs progressively. - ~8 weeks until the scheduled race

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Nuño Semperebought Ṁ120 of YESMoving this to 85%. I previously did a triathlon without much training (<https://manifold.markets/Nu%C3%B1oSempere/will-i-finish-a-triathlon>). A half marathon (2-3 hours of running) sounds very achievable. Good luck.