Why is there something rather than nothing?
If there was nothing, we couldn't ask this question
Nothingness as a state has zero entropy and so is vulnerable to processes that increase entropy, eventually creating something.
Our universe is a complex mathematical construct that innately “exists” e.g. even though nothing in our physical world is a perfect circle, we seem to think that that circle somehow “exists”.
It is a brute fact, and necessarily so.

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It is a brute fact, and necessarily so.

I don't know how this market resolves, but I'm pretty much 100% confident that this is the correct answer, at least assuming that "something" means "something contingent".

@JosephNoonan I envy your certainty. To me 'brute fact' emanates self-confidence and positivity. My distant science education offered 'vacuum fluctuation' ('ex nihilo'?), which I think is full of self-doubt and leads to the existential torment and dread that could lead someone to ask the question in the first place. I would also be happy to be convinced that the question or asking it makes no sense.

(I decided to undo all my trades because the advantage I got from adding new options, thus increasing the share of options previously under “Other”, may have been unfair. I still ended up with a 7 mana profit… sigh…)

… but when does it resolve/ to what criteria? Does it never resolve?

@Trifalcon It will definitely resolve by the end date but hopefully sooner