Dec 31

The intention is to target the inside of the legal borders of the country of Iran. The use of military weapons to attack the soil of Iran is acceptable. Attacks such as assassinations and similar actions are not acceptable. The intended meaning of military attack is actions like air, land, or sea strikes. Attacks on power plants and other military centers that no one takes responsibility for are also not acceptable.

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Biden trying to pressure them to not attack, presumably because he's worried about gas prices going up in an election year.

Needs to be more specific (both in terms of targets and in terms of types of strikes - does an unacknowledged assassination that's suspected to be Israeli count? Does an air strike? Boots on the ground? Does it have to be on Iranian soil?)

@ShakedKoplewitz I have added the description.


Does Israel bombing Iranian targets in Syria count?

@soweliSon no that one is a proxy war

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