Will I 100% ToTK by the end of this year?
closes Jan 1

if DLC comes out i will not consider it. rules will abide to the 100% guide on speedrun dot com

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Jim Haysbought Ṁ20 of NO

Did you 100% BotW? If so, how long after it came out? Do you allow yourself to look things up?

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power creep

@JimHays i started playing over covid, so the game had already been out and i had watched rtgames permadeath run a few months before. so i had a decent enough idea of what the game would look like and approximate things, but not a good idea of how the game felt if you know what i mean.

i did 100% botw. i "searched" stuff up as in i looked at a complete map near the end (i had 119 shrines, and i had missed one. took me like 5 minutes to find it). i got all the koroks too which i did with a map as well.

so minimal guides, just picture comparisons as i near completion. i obviously look online for news surrounding these games i love, but i generally keep my own experience nice. i do watch some of my creator's playthroughs, but generally as background noise while i do something else.

ive started to play totk but the game is currently crashing on a certain cutscene, so i might be stopped for a little bit.