Will I be able to quit caffeine until 30th November,2023?
resolved Nov 29

Resolves NO:I consume caffeine in any form before the end date

Resolves YES:I don't do the above

->I won't bet on this market to compensate for the fact that I might resolve this untruthfully.

Update Logs-

Day 3: Pretty predictable sadness after withdrawal...I call this being evangelion'd,since all of a sudden that show starts seeming very relatable.But I am confident I can keep going.

Day 7:(I think) absolutely devastating..feels like hell...will probably be better soon though I hope.

3 Nov : no energy at all

7 Nov : I am afraid of Mosfets

13th Nov : pretty decent overall, still don't feel much better surprisngly though

16th Nov: very gloomy

17th Nov: Shifted resolution date to what I actually intended.(I feel like shit 13 days could not end any slower :')

24 th Nov: Nicotine was of much help, and much more manageable so I am going to make it for sure.

29th Nov:Almost there

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predicted YES

So far so good? @array_wake

bought Ṁ350 of YES

@array_wake Congrats!

@TheBayesian thank you for believing in me with something more expensive than words

I assume you won’t resolve this based on something dumb like eating chocolate?

@Gen that'd require me to adhere to the dumb parts of rationality,so no :)

bought Ṁ500 of YES

@array_wake Then I believe in you

predicted YES

@array_wake no update since last week, how is it going?

@TheBayesian wagmi my man

bought Ṁ10 of YES

Do you promise to not attempt to profit from causing this market to resolve No?

@RobertCousineau Definitely, no betting from my end on this market.