What AUROC will the best model for Trojan Detection reach on the Final Round dataset for the NeurIPS Trojan Challenge?
resolved Nov 13
1.4%<=90% AUROC
18%<=92.5% AUROC
1.5%<=95% AUROC
1.5%<=96% AUROC
1.5%<=97% AUROC
1.5%<=98% AUROC
1.5%<=99% AUROC
1.5%<=80% AUROC

The current leaderboard shows performance on the validation set. When the Final Round phase begins, we will see the results on the test set. The test set is a held-out dataset available from Oct. 16 2022. The Final Round dataset is created by the parallel track at NeurIPS for creating evasive Trojans. Be aware: This market depends on the evasive Trojans' attack performance.

This question will resolve to the value closest to the highest score on the Final Round dataset.

The current high score on the validation set consisting of infected neural networks is 98.2% AUROC.

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The market resolves when they release the "Final Round" results on this page: https://codalab.lisn.upsaclay.fr/competitions/5951#results