Will Isaac King be hired to judge any Magic: The Gathering event larger than a local weekly in-store event in 2024?

Isaac King, a prominent figure in the Manifold community and a former Magic: The Gathering judge, lost his certification from Judge Academy in late 2023 following several incidents that caused unrest among fellow judges, including a series of offensive remarks on social media. Despite this, he still portrays himself as a Magic judge, notably through his profile picture on Manifold where he's seen in judge attire. Considering his history and current status, will King will be hired by a third party to officiate any Competitive Rules Enforcement Level events in 2024 beyond small local store gatherings?

If King is hired to judge any event with more than 80 unique players at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level, or any event with at least two other staff members who were hired in a judging capacity, this resolves YES.

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