Will the official ChatGPT Twitter account post a tweet using standard capitalization and punctuation rules?
Apr 21

The official ChatGPT Twitter account @ChatGPTapp (https://twitter.com/ChatGPTapp/) uses informal and casual language in tweets. It's most recents tweets are:

it’s rude to put “quit yapping” in your custom instructions 🙄

brb gotta chat

This prediction market evaluates true if the account posts at least one tweet meeting all the following criteria within the next 30 days from the creation of this market:

  1. The tweet must form a complete sentence of at least several words. Short quips or code snippets do not count.

  2. The tweet must use standard English capitalization and punctuation rules (e.g., "I'm" instead of "i'm" or "Im", sentences must end with a proper punctuation mark).

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