Will X implement a P2P payments system before EOY 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Resolves YES if X (formerly Twitter) enables peer-to-peer transactions through any standard (fiat, crypto, other) before EOY 2023. Resolves NO if no payment system is implemented.

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@alessandro Can you please resolve? Thx

I work in this field, and I have no idea how you could successfully launch a P2P payments app right now. The biggest wins come from being the first mover on a new protocol -- like Tez with UPI. Not going head-to-head with Venmo.

Not to mention Elon "f--k the law" Musk trying to enter one of the most tightly regulated industries in existence.

Then again, this market is about whether they'll build such a system. Not whether it's a good idea ๐Ÿ˜›

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@tfae I tend to agree that Apple has struggled to launch their own banking/payments/etc., though as I understand they are functional in the US. Seems like a total waste of time to join a highly regulated and highly competitive space.

BUT - Elon will be able to take that to his sycophants and present himself as a fast-moving CEO of the future world's platform, which is probably enough to secure some more funding (if required) or signal stability/growth to win advertisers back

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