Will the average price of a dozen eggs drop below $3.50 in February 2023?
resolved Mar 14

Resolves YES if FRED reports a US city average price <= $3.50 per dozen eggs for February 2023: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/APU0000708111

The average price for November 2022 was $3.59. The average price for December 2022 was $4.25.

I will not bet in this market.

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You all might find it interesting that this did happen in March β€” FRED reports $3.45.

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It did not happen. FRED reported 4.211

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I know nothing about eggs but the chart clearly looks like it is not going to be down so much so fast

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USDA reporting avg retail of 3.03 for the past week


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I've set a massive limit order at 40%. I still think the market should be higher (55%ish), but I'm just trying to get Mana back to donate. Enjoy the free alpha if ur sticking around this site!

FRED just reported $4.82 for the January average price. (We still have about a month until the February price is reported.)

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Wholesale prices continue to drop, but I haven't seen the same from retail.

I may have been over-optimistic before, and now think this market is probably priced about right.


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As of Jan 25, daily wholesale shell egg prices have dropped to where they were in October (weighted average of $2.18). I think this is 95+%, but don't have the resources to invest more.


if the constitution applied to chickens, like it should, eggs would be worth far more than 4$ per dozen!

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We're past the holiday peak demand time, and prices have already dropped a lot. In addition, January through mid-February, together with mid-summer, tend to see the fewest numbers of birds affected by bird flu. So, I think Feb is likely to see an average price less than $3.50. (But I don't think it will last for long.)

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Not wildly confident in my interpretation of this data but confident enough to throw some money at this somewhat new market.

Manifold in the wild: A Tweet by Alan Grow

@micsolana The 2015 spike was also avian flu. I’m running a Manifold Prediction Market on egg prices btw! https://manifold.markets/alangrow/will-the-average-price-of-a-dozen-e?referrer=alangrow https://t.co/gwKfGHGU5x

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